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A deep bag made typically of heavy paper, having handle to hold, and used or carrying small purchase. Print itt.com offer Carry Bags printing service as it is the best way of advertising. If your carry bag is unique and beautiful customer may use it or long time. Carry bag are generally use in garment sector, Jewelry Sector, Mobile Phone Sector, Watches sector, spectacle books cosmetic etc.

Paper Carry bag are always environment friendly than any other bag, so there is no disadvantage with planet if used. Paper carry bag is the most important thing which we use in daily life. We use paper carry bag to carry book, food item, cloth, electronic gadget and many more. Printed Carry bags have company brand name and logo printed on it for which it is an excellent way of promotion company name because bag keeps on moving from one place to another.

Print itt.com offer variety of paper carry bags like laminated bag, glossy bags, mat bags, embossed bag, engraved bag, UV bags.